By BBC Sport’s Peter BrowningTom Ford has always wanted to be known as a “digital wallet”.

But the owner of the Mancunian firm Mancurie has said he now has to pay more for things like insurance and car insurance.

Tom Ford, who founded Mancaurie in the 1960s, said he is now required to pay for insurance premiums for vehicles which he owns, even if he does not drive.

He said: “The way it works now is you pay for all the car insurance that you need, and the premiums you pay out are the amount that is actually going to cover you.”

Mancurois insurance company, which is based in the UK, said Mr Ford pays premiums for his car insurance but has to deduct the difference.

“Tom Ford is a very unique company and I think this is a great example of the kind of value that he brings to the UK,” said Richard Kowalczyk, the company’s director of communications.

He added that Tom Ford does not provide insurance directly to consumers.

“Our insurance policy covers all our customers in the US and UK, which covers Tom Ford vehicles,” Mr Kowalsky said.

“We only offer insurance to our customers, and Tom Ford has a policy for his cars.”

Mr Ford has previously said that he has no problem paying for insurance because it is not a personal issue.

He told the BBC in January that “if I could have a car, and I was insured for it, I’d buy a car”.

Tom Ford said he had no problem buying a car in the future.

“I’m a very good driver.

I’m not a fan of buying a vehicle without insurance, but I do need to pay.” “

My main issue has always been insurance.

I’m not a fan of buying a vehicle without insurance, but I do need to pay.”

Tom Ford and his wife, Emma, have owned their car for 25 years and said it is a privilege to be able to afford insurance.

Emma Ford said the insurance costs were “really, really small”. “

There’s a lot of things that are really good for me and the money is good, but the money’s not good enough.”

Emma Ford said the insurance costs were “really, really small”.

“I think I’m saving on insurance,” she said.

Tom’s new car costs £10,000, and is fitted with a battery, stereo, air conditioning, a GPS, a range extender, a sunroof, a rearview camera and a leather-wrapped steering wheel.

The family’s other car costs almost £3,000 and Tom’s wife Emma Ford is also using a different car.

Tom said: I’m thinking about buying a different one and I’m going to be doing that in about three years time.

“So there’s a certain amount of insurance that I have to pay out, and then I can look at buying a new car.”

But there are lots of people who have different insurance requirements than me, so it’s really expensive.

Tom added that he does think his car will be a success.

“It’s an amazing thing that we have a vehicle that we can drive on, and that’s what Tom Ford is after,” he said.

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