Credit card companies are increasingly selling products to buyers who want to buy firearms.

The Wall Street Journal reported Monday that Visa is the leading credit card company to offer gun purchases.

The Journal reported that the card holders of more than 1.6 million Americans over the past year are getting the guns, although they are not necessarily getting them for their own use.

The company, which also sells gun accessories and ammunition, is working to get more of its cards used in mass shootings. 

Visa’s chief executive, John Roth, has said that the company does not want to see the cards “used for mass murder or mass destruction.” 

The Journal reported: “Visa has been trying to expand its card offering to include more firearms.

It also has expanded its gun sales program, which offers guns to those 18 and older, and is working on a similar program for gun dealers.

The gun purchases are the product of years of research and development, and Visa’s research shows that gun owners are not more likely to purchase guns in the wake of mass shootings.” 

Videotron, which operates the popular video-rental service Vevo, has also become a big gun seller in recent years.

It began offering the products to its customers earlier this year. 

Cigar and cigarettes maker Camelot said Monday that it has added $20 million to its marketing program for concealed carry permits. 

The Wall Street Post reported Monday: “Camelot said it is increasing its marketing efforts to get concealed carry permit holders to carry in public.

The increase will be used to reach more people, it said, but would not specify the size of the increase or how it would be spent. 

In July, the company said that it had increased its advertising campaign to include advertisements in the newspaper and online.”

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