Men’s wallets are no longer the most expensive part of your wardrobe, according to the latest figures from the Men’s Wear Daily website.

The magazine claims that men’s wallet sales have increased by 10% since 2011, and it’s due to the rise of social media.

But why is it so pricey?

For starters, it’s difficult to compare wallets to other items in the wardrobe.

As you can see in the chart below, a typical man’s wallet is around £40 ($64) and can only be worn by a man of average height.

This means it’s often only used by those who are taller than you.

A wallet is usually designed with a number of pockets and an extra drawstring to hold cash and a small card.

These pockets are not meant to hold large amounts of cash or coins.

To save space, wallets are usually lined with canvas or plastic, making it difficult to fit everything in, and they often have pockets designed to be used by people with disabilities.

The majority of wallets are not made from leather or rubber.

They are typically made from a leather or a synthetic material that is prone to wrinkling and breaking.

As well as the cost of materials, wallets have to be made to fit a range of sizes.

For example, a man’s standard size wallet is a medium in size, and a large is a large.

For men’s shoes, there are typically four sizes: large, medium, small, and regular.

For women’s shoes there are four sizes, and for men, the average is two sizes.

If a man is wearing a pair of socks, they will most likely be made from one of the four sizes listed above.

However, for men’s jeans, the most common size is one size larger than the standard size, so if a man has a pair made for a man with a size 6 foot, he may be left with a pair with a small or medium in the bottom pocket.

Men’s trousers have also increased in price, with a men’s trousers from the 1980s now selling for £140 ($190) and a mens trousers from 2005 costing around £180 ($240).

However, as we’ve already discussed, men’s underwear and socks are typically less expensive, and there is an increase in men’s men’s clothing sales too.

But the average size of men’s boots is smaller than the average women’s, so it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to find them for less than £100 ($120).

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