Canada’s drug-smuggling crackdown has created an opportunity for criminals and the government to use it as an excuse to take advantage of those caught.

A new report from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives finds that the Harper administration has taken several tough measures to curb the flow of drugs into the country.

Among them are the introduction of the so-called “misdirection of funds” regime, which allows for money from Canada’s largest drug dealers and other drug traffickers to be diverted to Canadian police.

This allows law enforcement to seize the cash and send it to the provinces, but not to the federal government.

The report finds that this system allows police to seize large amounts of cash and then transfer it to drug cartels and criminal gangs who then use it to purchase goods and services.

“The misdirection system is a tool that can be used to seize assets and seize money and, in the process, disrupt drug supply,” the report says.

“This allows the Canadian government to pursue its policy of war on drugs without having to take into account the needs of its own people.”

The report says the new law also allows the government “to pursue a policy of financial repression against legitimate businesses and industries that are engaged in legitimate trade and commerce.”

The Harper government, however, has taken an increasingly tough line in recent years, and has been accused of using it to target those suspected of dealing in illegal drugs.

The government has been criticized for taking a hard line on drugs, such as its controversial crackdown on drug cartels.

It has also faced criticism for taking an overly broad approach in prosecuting drug traffickers.

The Globe and Mail reported earlier this month that police in British Columbia have been using an elaborate drug trafficking strategy to shut down a cannabis dispensary in Vancouver.

The police department has been targeting the dispensary and its owners, using undercover operations and using the proceeds from the sale of illegal cannabis products to pay off a number of charges.

The dispensary has been operating illegally for decades, and the federal and provincial governments have spent millions of dollars in the past few years trying to shut it down.

The federal government also has stepped up prosecutions of drug dealers, arresting many of them for selling illegal drugs, but also taking money from them.

In the report, the authors say that the government’s drug enforcement strategy has failed to target the true criminals who supply drugs and whose profit margins depend on selling illegal narcotics.

“These crimes are very real,” says the report’s co-author, David Meadows.

“But, to the extent that the focus is on criminals, the results are very, very limited.”

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