Mighty Wallet is launching in its first US and UK markets in the coming weeks, with a second edition coming to the UK later this year.

The wallet, which has already launched in the UK, has been designed for mobile wallets, but the company is also looking to expand into digital wallet services.

Mighty Wallet was founded in 2014 by two friends, Peter and Robyn Breslin, who had a passion for making wallet technology, particularly wallet services, that were easy to use and safe.

“The wallet we’re launching today is an example of how a mobile wallet can be the foundation for a secure, secure, and secure digital identity, and also the backbone of a secure and secure mobile payment service,” said Robyn in a blog post on the Mighty Wallet site.

Read more:The wallet has an integrated QR code reader and is able to receive and store payments in a number of currencies. “

It’s the next frontier for mobile wallet security and privacy.”

Read more:The wallet has an integrated QR code reader and is able to receive and store payments in a number of currencies.

Breslin said the wallet was designed to be secure from any type of malicious attacks and has been vetted by several independent experts.

Its interface is designed to work with existing mobile wallets such as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, with support for the likes of Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal.

“We believe the mobile wallet ecosystem is poised to become the default way of securing money, which is a huge opportunity for Mighty Wallet,” Bresler said.

While the company has not announced pricing yet, it expects the first edition to be available for $199.99.

It is also launching in more markets in March.

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