A man who is constantly getting told off for being a bro on Twitter is finding his own ways to make the world a better place.

In the wake of the recent death of his best friend in a suicide attempt, 23-year-old Ryan Toney became the target of some of the worst online bullying he’s ever experienced.

The self-proclaimed “bro bro” had a bad week and had to take to social media to defend himself, but he did it with a few words of advice to those who might be feeling threatened.

Ryan Toney tells the world ‘bro culture’ is not just a trend in a new book, but a lifestyle.

Read moreThe man from Birmingham said he started feeling like the bro he always thought he was was a “lazy loser” who was constantly being called a “bro” and “broshite” for not being more like him.

“I think people have been very rude to me in the past because they don’t know me, and because I’m so self-absorbed,” Toney said.

“I’m a good person, I’m a nice guy.

I’ve been called a bit of a b****, and I just want to say: I’m not that guy.

Toney is not the first man to speak out about how being a “Bro” has caused him to lose friends, and he says it’s not a good way to deal with people.

I think being a ‘Bro’ is a very unhealthy lifestyle for a lot of people.

I just don’t think people realise how harmful it is for them.

And the reason is it’s a very lonely lifestyle and it’s very isolating and isolating for a huge amount of people,” he said.

“And for a large part of the time, people don’t even understand what it is that you’re talking about.

The Broshite is not a person who wants to talk to people.

It’s a person that just wants to keep their mouth shut and keep being their own person and stay out of the way.”

Toney was initially hesitant to share the story about how his social media abuse had caused him physical pain, but the words stuck in his throat.

“When I first got involved in it, I thought it was just a bad joke and it was a joke about something I was doing and something I’m proud of,” he told Fox Sports.

But, after some time, he began to realise that the words were a cry for help from people who wanted to protect themselves.

“It was like they wanted me to have to do something, and they didn’t really know what they were doing, but they were saying ‘stop, stop, stop’ and ‘you know what, you’re a Bro, stop’.”

And I’m like ‘you don’t need to do that.

Stop saying it’.

“Read moreHe decided to share his story on his own blog because he said it gave people an outlet to share their experiences, and it has since gained over 50,000 shares.

He told Fox he was also happy to see how the bro culture was changing, and that it had given him a new sense of purpose.”

If you look at what’s happening in the world now, I think a lot more people are starting to recognise that there is a difference between being a nice person, a good mate and a good friend,” he added.

So, in an effort to stop being the bro, he is now writing a book to help anyone else who is feeling bullied or harassed about being a good Bro.””

[But] I’ve had people call me a cunt and a bitch, and people have said I look like a fucking creep,” he explained.

So, in an effort to stop being the bro, he is now writing a book to help anyone else who is feeling bullied or harassed about being a good Bro.

“What I’m trying to say is that Bro culture is not all that it’s cracked up to be, and there’s a lot that can be done to be more open about what’s going on,” he continued.

He says the book is not going to fix the problem but is something he hopes people will read and learn from.

Read moreA spokesperson for Facebook said: “We support everyone who is bullied on Facebook, including people who have shared their experiences on our site.”

“We have seen that some people have taken advantage of the fact that we now have a dedicated support team, including an app for people who are having trouble, and we’re actively working to fix it,” they said.

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