You can still trade your Bitcoins for fiat currency.

But with the recent Bitcoin boom, you can now buy Bitcoin from people, too.

Now that Bitcoin is legal in almost every major country, it’s becoming possible to buy Bitcoin with dollars.

Here’s what you need to know.


Bitcoin is now legal in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, but you can’t trade it for dollars.

So how do you get your money to someone else?

It’s easier than you might think.

Bitcoin can be bought for dollars, and vice versa.

But you need a digital wallet, called a Bitcoin wallet.

A Bitcoin wallet can store a variety of different types of currency and payment methods.

You can buy Bitcoins for dollars with cash, or with bitcoins, which are now legal tender in many countries.

There are two major types of Bitcoin wallets: physical Bitcoin wallets, like a bank or credit union, and online Bitcoin wallets.

Bitcoins can also be purchased through third-party platforms like BitPay.

You don’t need a physical Bitcoin wallet to use an online Bitcoin wallet; you just need to use a Bitcoin address on an online platform like Coinbase or BitPay, or use a virtual Bitcoin wallet like a Bitcoin exchange.

But if you have a physical wallet, you’ll need to put your Bitcoin address in it.

To do that, open up a Bitcoin browser on your computer, such as Firefox or Chrome.

Click on the “Bitcoin” button at the top of the page.

Click “Settings” and “Manage Bitcoin” on the bottom left.

You’ll then see a “Bitcoin Wallet” section.

Click the “Add New Wallet” button on the right side.

Enter your Bitcoin wallet address and hit “Add Wallet.”

You’ll see a list of Bitcoin addresses that you can use with your Bitcoin account.

If you want to add more Bitcoin addresses, click “Add More.”

After you’ve added an address to your Bitcoin Wallet, click on “Edit.”

The “Edit” button is located on the top-right corner of the screen.

Click it to edit your Bitcoin Address.

If your Bitcoin Account is linked to a wallet that’s hosted on another website, the “Edit Bitcoin Address” section on the same page is displayed.

You will see an icon that looks like a circle.

You must select the “Show in this Bitcoin Address Box” checkbox, or you won’t see the “Change Address” box.

Click OK.

If everything’s working correctly, your wallet will now be displayed in your browser.

If not, click the “Verify Wallet” link on the lower right corner of your browser’s “Settings.”

You will then see your Bitcoin transaction history.

To confirm your transaction, click that “Verification” button to see your transaction details.

If it’s a successful transaction, your Bitcoin balance will be added to your wallet.

If something goes wrong, click your Bitcoin “Confirm Address” button.

You should see your balance displayed in the Bitcoin wallet you created.

When your Bitcoin Balance is correct, click Save and close your browser window.

If there’s an error, click OK to continue.


When you send a payment, your payment will appear in the wallet as “Payment Received” on your Bitcoin screen.

In order to receive a payment from someone, they must first verify your Bitcoin addresses.

If they do, you will see the message “Invalid Address.”

But if they do not, you have two options: Send an email to confirm your payment, or write them a letter.

The latter option is the most straightforward, but it requires more time and effort.

The Bitcoin Address Field lets you specify the email address to send the payment to.

This is a simple, one-click, process that you’ll want to follow to ensure that your payment is sent.

To send a Bitcoin payment to a friend, you simply enter their Bitcoin address and click the check box next to the “Send Bitcoin” button: “Send To Friend” Click “Send” and a Bitcoin Payment Message will appear.

Choose the payment you want from the list.

When the payment is confirmed, your email address is automatically included in the email message.

To see how many Bitcoin addresses you’ve sent to a person, click their email address.

If a Bitcoin transaction is made, the message on the left shows their Bitcoin Address, along with their transaction history: “Your payment is complete and waiting for confirmation.”

Click the button “Confirmation” at the bottom of the message to confirm the transaction.

If the transaction is confirmed with a confirmation message, the transaction has been sent.

But your Bitcoin Transaction History is only available for a limited time.

You need to confirm a transaction for it to appear in your Bitcoin history.

When Bitcoin Transactions are confirmed, they will appear as “Received.”


You may also find that some transactions are sent from a wallet address, which is the address associated with the Bitcoin address that sent the payment.

You simply need to

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