A new book by former U.S. Navy SEAL James Comey has given some credence to the notion that there is a growing number of “shadow miners” who have not yet taken the plunge into Bitcoin, but who are nonetheless eager to get involved.

In the new book, “Shadow Miner: The Secret War Within the Bitcoin Community” published on Wednesday by the author, Comey recounts his experience as a private contractor with the U.K.-based company G2A and the company’s subsequent involvement in Bitcoin, which was then called “Bitcoin Cash.”

Comey explains how he was hired to find and track the Shadow Miners who had “located” the Bitcoin transactions of several Bitcoin users.

These Shadow Miner transactions were then used by the company to make their Bitcoin wallets more secure.

G2A, which has since shut down its service in the United States, is no stranger to the cryptocurrency world, as the company was one of the first companies to offer “Blockchain as a Service,” or BaaS, services to financial institutions.

G2F is another company that provides a “Block Chain as a Services” platform to financial service companies.

In recent years, BaaSS platforms have been popular among financial services companies, with more than 1,300 companies now offering BaaSc services, according to the Financial Services Alliance, an industry body.

The companies also offer BaaT services, which are based on blockchain technology and are similar to the services offered by G2G.

In addition to the Shadow Miner book, G2C, another BaaSC platform, is also offering a “blockchain as the service” platform, as well.

G5, another Bitcoin payment processor, is offering a Bitcoin payment processing service to financial firms.

While some of the companies have been slow to embrace the technology, others have taken the opportunity to launch a new Bitcoin wallet in the past few weeks, which allows the user to store and send Bitcoin.

In light of this, G5, which is the largest Bitcoin wallet provider, has said it will offer a new wallet called “ShadowWallet” in the coming months, according.

The company said that it will be offering the service through its own website and through other digital wallets and wallets operated by third parties.

G6 is also providing a Bitcoin wallet service.

G6 said it is launching a new digital wallet service that will be a part of the company-wide BaaSA service.

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