An innovative wallet that lets you pay with your phone or tablet is coming to Australia.

Key points: The minimalist wallet has a touchscreen for payments, NFC for payment processing and can store up to 10,000 transactions in one walletThe wallet uses a touch screen for payments and NFC for paymentsProcessing transactions takes up to 15 minutes and is backed by the walletThe minimalist wallet is made by a Singapore-based company called Aventis, and is available for pre-order at the Aventi website.

Aventis founder Lee Hui Yuen says the minimalist wallet can be used to make payments with just a smartphone or tablet.

“When I started my business in 2009, the most common method of payment was using cash or credit cards,” he said.

“(Then) when the technology of payments and digital payments became more widespread, people were able to use more of their money in a much quicker and less expensive way.”

The minimalist Wallet, as it’s called, has a touch-screen touchscreen for payment and NFC chip that will allow it to process payments on a smartphone.

The minimalist is currently available for $99.99, or $169.99 if you pre-ordered it ahead of time.

Mr Yuen said the minimalist is the first wallet that can be built using existing materials like copper, aluminium, steel and even carbon fibre.

It can process 10,0000 payments per day and has a built-in NFC chip, which is designed to allow for easy payments when you’re not at home.

Its battery lasts up to six months.

The minimalist features a touchscreen touchscreen with a touch pad that allows users to make a payment, pay for items on their wish list, make payments online or use the payment processor Aventii.

To process transactions, the wallet will need to be connected to your phone’s NFC chip and your payment processor.

While it is compatible with the Apple Pay mobile payment app, it does not offer any other payment apps.

What it is not compatible with: You will need an NFC chip or payment processor to make transactions.

For now, Aventius has only been making the minimalist for preorder.

But it says its first Australian-made wallet is expected to be available in July for $299.99.

Lee says the wallet is a new kind of payment technology and has the potential to revolutionise payments.

“[There is] an enormous amount of potential in this new technology that we have developed, but we have yet to prove it to consumers,” he explained.

He said the new minimalist will not only be available to buy in stores, but to preorder from Aventus, so that it can be delivered to consumers in the future.

Is there any chance the minimalist will ever be available commercially?

Mr Hui said Aventiss has been working on the minimalist wallets for years, and the technology has a lot of potential.

However, he says the only way to make money with the minimalist would be through preorders.

If you want to buy it now, you will need preorders from the AAVENTIS website, which allows users with the same phone number to buy a wallet.

So far, only about 2,000 pre-orders have been made.

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