President Donald Trump will propose a $6.5 trillion package of spending and tax relief over the next several months, the Treasury Department said Tuesday.

Trump is expected to outline the package in a White House meeting Wednesday with his economic advisers and congressional leaders.

The package is expected on top of $1 trillion in new infrastructure spending that Trump and Congress are set to approve in the coming weeks.

The president’s economic adviser, Gary Cohn, said the stimulus would be a “significant step” toward helping the economy recover from the recession that began in 2009.

Trump and congressional Republicans are eager to help boost the economy, particularly after the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the country’s birthright citizenship law.

They’re also hoping the stimulus package will help them re-energize the U.S. economy and spur more spending on infrastructure.

Trump said Tuesday the stimulus plan would be the largest in U.N. history, adding, “It’s the biggest we’ve had in many years.”

Cohn said the president is aiming for $2 trillion in infrastructure spending over the coming years, and he said Trump and his aides believe that the stimulus is the best way to get the economy moving again.

“It is very important that the President’s agenda is sustained,” Cohn said.

“The President has an extremely strong track record in bringing people back to the economy and restoring the American Dream, and this is just the start.”

The plan includes $1.5 billion for infrastructure projects, including the Southern California Freeway extension, and $200 billion in tax relief for the middle class.

Trump has also proposed $1 billion in infrastructure investment and $1 million in new funds for community colleges and universities.

The administration has not released details of how much it will spend on the stimulus.

Trump, who has been frustrated by congressional inaction on the federal government’s response to the opioid crisis, has also said he wants to give states more flexibility in setting their own spending levels.

Trump’s infrastructure spending would be part of his 2018 agenda.

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