We’re getting used to carrying wallets and credit cards in our pockets and bags, but how about one that is built entirely out of black?

Black Gucci’s new Black Diamond wallet is the first black wallet that doesn’t have a gold-plated finish, according to The Washington Times.

The wallet is a full-size wallet that’s about the size of a medium-sized credit card, but it’s built to hold a credit card and two credit cards, one of which is a $1,000 cash-back offer.

The wallet, which is available in two sizes, comes in a black color, a black/black, or a black diamond.

Black Diamond is a jewelry company founded in 1891, but they don’t manufacture wallets.

The company has a lot of products and has been around since the mid-2000s.

The company said in a press release that the wallet is “the first of its kind.”

It says the wallet has a large gold finish that’s embossed with the Gucci logo.

The news was met with mixed reactions.

Some commenters on the Reddit forum were disappointed that Black Diamond would release a wallet with gold plating, but said that it was a good thing.

Others applauded the design and thought it was an awesome idea.

Black Diamond has been trying to build a black wallet for a while.

A couple of years ago, they introduced the Black Diamond Black Diamond Wallet, which was made out of silver and had a black finish.

That wallet, however, didn’t have the gold plated finish.

In addition to the $1 million cash-up offer, Black Diamond released the Black Desert Wallet in June of 2016.

The Black Diamond Desert Wallet is a fully functional wallet that comes in three sizes.

The Black Diamond website says the Black Emerald Wallet, released in February of 2017, is an “all-black, premium-quality wallet designed for the modern adventurer.”

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