The future of smartphones may be here, thanks to a new wallet that’s designed to be used with your phone.

The wallet, called Amazon Wallet, is designed to take up less space on your phone than standard phones.

You can’t use Amazon Wallet in your phone, though it has an NFC chip that works with the Amazon app, Amazon says.

You still can use other apps, but the Amazon Wallet uses a much smaller, smaller, lighter phone, said Mike Johnson, chief technology officer of Amazon Wallet.

You won’t have to switch apps to use the Amazon wallet, he said.

The $50 Amazon Wallet has an OLED screen and is the company’s first wallet that uses OLED technology.

Amazon Wallet also has NFC technology, so it works with any NFC-enabled smartphone.

That’s important because it means the wallet can work with Apple Pay and Android Pay.

If you don’t have either, Amazon Wallet is $50 and works with most Android phones.

“We really wanted to deliver a wallet that people would want to use,” Johnson said.

“They don’t want to have a bulky, ugly phone.

It just feels like the right choice.”

Amazon Wallet’s most significant selling point is that it’s the first wallet designed for phones, not computers.

Johnson said it’s still early days, and the company is still figuring out the best way to make a wallet work with the new phones.

But for now, Johnson said, it’s working well.

You just can’t expect to use your phone on an Amazon wallet.

You’ll have to use a computer.

Johnson also said that, at this point, there’s not a huge amount of data that Amazon has stored about how many people use their wallets.

It’s only been testing a few wallets and Johnson said that it has about 30,000 users.

It is, however, a lot more than the 50,000 that Amazon reported in January.

The company will be releasing a beta version of the wallet soon.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has been a fan of NFC technology for years, and he said the company has been testing NFC technology in smartphones for years.

In January, the company started working with the NFC standards body, the NFC Alliance, to develop the first NFC wallet.

The Alliance will publish a specification for the standard in the fall.

Johnson called that standard the “gold standard” for mobile wallets, but he said it could be improved.

Amazon has already worked on a smartphone-specific wallet.

It announced in January that it would make a smartphone wallet that can be used on Amazon’s Prime Now service, a pay-per-view television channel.

The new wallet, meanwhile, is based on Amazon Wallet 2.0, a new, larger phone that has an internal NFC chip.

Johnson described the phone as a small phone, but it can be as big as a laptop.

He said the phone has a 5.5-inch screen and can be extended to a 7-inch display with an NFC card.

That means it’s about 5.6 inches long.

The device has a large display, and it can store data.

It can also be used to send text messages and send money.

The phone will have a small camera, and Amazon says it can record photos of you and your family.

Johnson did not specify when or how the wallet will be available.

Amazon will also make a phone wallet that will allow you to use other Amazon services like Kindle books, Amazon’s new music streaming service and Amazon Prime Video.

He declined to say when or if the wallet would be available for people who have already purchased those services.

The price will be similar to Amazon’s $30 Kindle, which will cost $50.

Amazon said it will charge $20 for a $50 smartphone.

The Amazon Wallet can also connect to your Amazon account to pay for your Amazon orders.

It will also connect your phone to the Amazon cloud, so you can use it with other apps and services.

Johnson says Amazon will not make money from the phone wallet, though.

He says the company wants to make sure that the Amazon Pay service is easy to use for people with existing Amazon accounts.

That service will cost a monthly fee.

You also will need a compatible device to use it.

Amazon did not say when the phone would be ready for sale, but Johnson said the product is already available for pre-order.

Johnson has been working on Amazon Pay since 2014, when the company launched a payment system called Prime Now.

Amazon says Prime Now has expanded to more than 20 countries and now offers millions of books, movies, music and music videos to customers around the world.

Amazon Pay will work with Amazon accounts on, and, but Amazon will only charge you $5 per transaction.

That fee includes Amazon Pay and Amazon Pay Direct.

You will also need a credit card that you can pay with Amazon Pay or Prime Now, and you can only use the card with Amazon Prime Now accounts.

Johnson declined

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