Cheap plastic paper wallets are becoming more and more popular as more people embrace electronic payments. 

However, these plastic paper wallet types can have serious security issues when exposed to the elements.

The latest research suggests disposable paper wallet design may not be safe enough to keep your money safe in the cold. 

The study, conducted by the University of Southern California and the University at Buffalo, also found that many disposable paper types are more prone to damage than paper wallets that have been cleaned.

According to researchers, most disposable paper type wallets have a weakness in the center and bottom.

This means the plastic is not fully protected and can be exposed to water and other liquids, potentially causing them to break. 

When these types of paper wallets break, they can easily catch fire.

The research also found some disposable paper and plastic wallets do not have enough friction to keep money in place, resulting in a high risk of theft.

“While the safety of paper-based disposable paper-type wallets is well-established, we found that plastic-based paper-style wallets are a much more common choice,” said Michael Zielinski, a research associate in the College of Business and Economics at USC.

“It is the same with disposable paper cards, which are often used to protect and store cash.

However, plastic-like plastic is more prone for corrosion and can cause the wallet to catch fire.”

Researchers found that the most common reasons for plastic paper-walled wallets were because of corrosion, water or both. 

In some cases, plastic paper is also prone to catching fire.

While disposable paper was the most popular choice, there were also pockets of plastic paper that were not as popular, according to the study. 

“The research suggests that there are many disposable papers out there, but there are some that are not as commonly used as other disposable paper products,” said Zielinsky.

“These disposable paper bags may be easier to use in colder climates, or you may be tempted to throw them in your purse for a quick cash grab when you get home.

If you have a personal computer or other device that can hold a wallet, we recommend you store it in a separate compartment, away from your phone and other electronic devices.”

We recommend you take a look at our paper wallet recommendations to make sure you are choosing the right type of paper wallet for your needs and budget.

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